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Moving from in-person orders to a bespoke BigCommerce solution


O’Neills is a world-renowned sporting goods manufacturer based in Ireland. Founded in 1918 and originally specialising in footballs, the company refocused on apparel in the 1950s but still makes their famous size 5 footballs. Selling to both the general public and exclusively to teams and their staff, O’Neill’s ecommerce needs are complex, leading them to us at Calashock.


Traditionally, O’Neill’s sales staff would arrange fitting evenings, where they brought sample team wear (jerseys, shorts, socks, bags, jackets, tracksuits, etc.) for players and team staff to try on, after which orders would be manually taken on orders pads.

Due to COVID-19, these in-person fitting sessions were not possible, yet teams still needed to order kit. So O’Neills began looking for an online solution that would cater to the needs of individual teams. BigCommerce was a clear choice of platform as its flexibility and headless capacity allows for complex, bespoke solutions. Calashock was approached as experts in the BigCommerce platform with over 12 years of experience creating unique, high-converting stores.

One of the main challenges was to create a way of segmenting customers, to ensure only approved customers could access the website and so that they would only see the products and pricing for their team. The orders then needed to be exported with data formatted to allow easy import into the ERP.


Calashock starts every new project with a four-step approach:

  • Discovery
  • Wireframes
  • Design
  • Development

The process allows us to methodically create the perfect solution, tailored to the client’s exact needs. During the discovery stage, we learn about the client’s requirements, their likes and dislikes, the primary objective for the new website, major pain points and competitive advantage.

For O’Neills it was clear they needed a proof of concept website to see if an ecommerce approach would be as successful as their traditional face-to-face process.

We built a BigCommerce store on Cornerstone, behind a login page so that only approved customers could access the products catalogue and place orders. A custom registration form with a tokenized URL automatically allocates customers to the correct team. The designated Customer Group of each team is only able to view the relevant products for that team when they log into the platform.

Bespoke Product Options and Product Modifiers, built into product display pages, enable customers to choose embroidered or printed information such as initials, name, number etc. With so many customer groups and customisations, manual data entry was an ongoing challenge. We integrated a custom order export app which allows the merchant to select attributes such as team name, order date and order status and export the orders and order data into a CSV for easy import into the ERP system.

Project Results

Bespoke, fully-responsive website

Integrations with BigCommerce

Custom login page

Complex build allowing multiple Customer Groups

Streamlined data-entry and export system

Ongoing support

If you’d like to talk to us about how we can migrate your ecommerce store to BigCommerce or if you need to grow your e-commerce business

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