How to Launch an Ecommerce Website

Are you trying to figure out how to launch an ecommerce website? Modern entrepreneurs are entering the ecommerce industry at a record pace due to the growing number of people making online purchases. Experts predict that the amount of revenue generated by ecommerce sales in the United Kingdom will grow by over 5% annually. If […]

5 Reasons to Re-Platform your Ecommerce Store

Is your ecommerce store not performing as well as you’d like? Are you wondering if it’s time to re-platform and breathe new life into your business? If you’re still on the fence, here are 5 fundamental improvements that re-platforming could make to your store. What Is Ecommerce Re-Platforming? Let’s start by going over what re-platforming […]

Strategies To Grow Ecommerce Sales For Merchants

It’s estimated that by 2023, ecommerce sales will constitute 22 percent of all global retail sales. Naturally, “how do I get more ecommerce sales” will be on top of the mind for almost all online merchants.  Increasing digitalisation and advanced technologies have thrown up new opportunities to acquire, retain, and meaningfully engage with customers online. […]

How your Refund Policy Can Make or Break Your Ecommerce Business

Somewhere between 12 million to 24 million ecommerce sites are operating globally. With numerous ecommerce website builder options, retailers are trying to create their space in the internet business world. It is also cost-effective to start an online business and can be highly profitable if operated strategically. Every ecommerce store uses different strategies to gain customers. […]

A Guide To Choosing A BigCommerce Agency Partner

Gone are the days when you could launch an ecommerce website and then forget about it for the next quarter. Of course, there will be some customers who will get online, place their order and get back to their normal lives. But in this cut-throat competition, you need to stand out to win the heart […]

How To Create a Return and Refund Policy

How To Create a Return and Refund Policy Online stores cannot afford to overlook return and refund policies. Today more than ever, refund policies are an important part of brand development, attracting new customers, closing sales, and nurturing relationships. Research shows that 68% of online shoppers review refund policies before completing a purchase. In a […]

Getting started with Abandoned cart emails

Recovering sales with Abandoned cart emails There are many reasons why shoppers don’t complete a checkout, which we dive into in another post, but rather than focus on why a shopper has abandoned their cart, today I want to cover the basics of how that sale can be recovered. What are abandoned cart emails? Abandoned […]

Ten Tips to Improve Customer Service for Your Ecommerce Business

Did you know that your customers’ perceptions of how your ecommerce business treats them can influence their purchasing habits and loyalty? Well, it matters how a customer feels about your business. Although ecommerce is a difficult industry to operate in, companies like Amazon have shown the world that anything is possible if only your business […]

Best Ecommerce Platform For Wholesale Business

Which Ecommerce platform should you Use for your Wholesale Business ? Earlier, Business to Business (B2B) businesses often relied on sales executives to build long-term relationships with potential customers. However, the ecommerce industry’s quick expansion has changed the game, bringing numerous benefits to B2B businesses who choose to sell online via an ecommerce platform.  As […]

The Future of Ecommerce in the UK

We have seen a change in our lives and how we interact with each other because of the internet in the last few years. Thus, the world of ecommerce is booming with new developments every day that will change the way people shop.  As businesses look to establish an online presence, creating ecommerce platforms is […]

Why Choose BigCommerce ?

In today’s world, the way businesses are being done has shifted dramatically. Digital shopping has become the new normal, and the number of ecommerce stores is increasing exponentially. You’ve poured your heart and effort into making a fantastic product that you’re confident will draw in customers as soon as it’s released. You consider opening a […]

3 reasons why an OMS is a worthwhile investment

    WHAT IS AN OMS? An order management system is a platform which tracks sales, orders, stock and consignments so merchants can centrally manage stock and the order fulfilment process. Merchants of all sizes (SMEs, mid-market, enterprise) and types (B2B, B2C, DTC) use an OMS to ensure their order management process runs smoothly and […]