Headless Commerce doesn’t have to be scary

It seems these days everyone is talking about headless commerce. Saying scary things like merchants who don’t adopt headless commerce will be left behind by the competition. But if you’re new to headless, it can be really intimidating. What even IS headless? What does it mean? When am I supposed to go headless? Do I […]

5 things we learnt from BigCommerce’s Global Consumer Report

BigCommerce recently published a new report revealing current and upcoming consumer trends, to help merchants future-proof their stores. As an industry, ecommerce is continuing to grow from strength to strength. In the study conducted for the Global Consumer Report: Current and Future Shopping Trends, BigCommerce found that over half of consumers buy online at least […]

How To Create a Return and Refund Policy

How To Create a Return and Refund Policy Online stores cannot afford to overlook return and refund policies. Today more than ever, refund policies are an important part of brand development, attracting new customers, closing sales, and nurturing relationships. Research shows that 68% of online shoppers review refund policies before completing a purchase. In a […]

Ten Tips to Improve Customer Service for Your Ecommerce Business

Did you know that your customers’ perceptions of how your ecommerce business treats them can influence their purchasing habits and loyalty? Well, it matters how a customer feels about your business. Although ecommerce is a difficult industry to operate in, companies like Amazon have shown the world that anything is possible if only your business […]

Your courier is an investment, not a cost

            Inspired by true events. We live in an age where buyers are impatient, demanding, and in control. With merchants having to find new and innovative ways to compete – you can rarely compete on price these days – and buyers prioritising convenience over price, getting the order into the […]